Set of Calm Cards – Ideas for Calming; Grounding & Regulation

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Total Pages: 10

Age: 5 years old +

A4 page printable and can be made into cards

Format Zip


Point5 Behaviour: Set of printable cards with strategies for Calming; Grounding & Regulation.

A7 size; 3 per page; double sided – instructions/notes on the backs; ideal for printing and laminating. Can be hung on lanyard; popped in a small wallet for pocket or in a calm box; stuck on table/wall etc.

Alternatively, if you are in the UK you can buy a set of “Take 5” Calm Cards from our shop professionally printed (postage included)

Set includes the following cards each with at least 5 ideas:

Card 1 = Breathing Exercises

Card 2 = Strength and Focus Exercises

Card 3 = Grounding Exercises

Card 4 = ‘Take 5’ Exercises (a mix of calming; sensory support ideas)

Card 5 = Positive Affirmations (to support self-esteem)

We use these daily in our work. Feedback from staff/children is extremely positive.


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