Body Map Work – growing positives, reducing negative

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The aim of this piece of work is to help the child understand that we all have parts (attributes) that we would like to grow and parts (behaviours) we would like to reduce. Instilling a belief in the child that they have the power to grow or reduce these parts. This work must be done with an adult who knows the child, who the child would feel comfortable talking with or being with.

This is a long-term piece of work and can be added to as you go. When the child is working in class you can reflect back to them if you see a ‘part’ that you haven’t seen before or if they are using their ‘kind’ part. Encourage other adults in the school to notice these ‘parts’ too – especially the positive ones!

This is a really child friendly and engaging project to work upon with a child. We have seen huge success with Body Map Work ourselves.


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