Behaviour Consultancy

There is always a point to behaviour – it communicates a need; it has served a purpose in the past; it is habitual; it is the result of an emotional trigger; it is a way of attaching and connecting to others.

Our behaviour consultancy service at Point5 will help you to unpick and understand the point of behaviour and together work out how to move forward to best support the child, class, staff team and school.

As qualified, experienced, specialist teachers, consultants, and trainers Sarah and Nathalie provide a service based on each having over 25 years experience teaching and working within the area of social, emotional, and mental health difficulties (SEMH).

People we work with say our behaviour consultancy support provides them with clear, relevant advice and practical strategies for working with children whose behaviour is challenging.

”Nathalie and Sarah provided an excellent lens on the school. Their wealth of knowledge and skill provided us with the next steps to improve and embed a culture of relational practice”. Primary School Head Teacher

We can provide:

  • Consultation visits around an individual child – observation, discussions with staff/parent, reviewing of paperwork, verbal feedback and written professional report provided
  • Whole class observation and support meeting with staff
  • ‘Dump the Junk’ well-being sessions supporting staff (1:1 or small groups) who are working with challenging behaviours
  • Direct work with children to help them understand what is happening in their brain, body, behaviour and beyond! We develop the work based on what the individual child needs. Providing programmes to support emotional understanding and regulation, for example – Drawing & Talking; Lego Based Therapy; My Hidden Chimp.

  • Audit and review of behaviour policy, systems and structures within a school setting to provide manageable and planned next steps for moving forward

“I have received support from Point5 around a child in my class who has found school very challenging. We were offered some great advice and practical strategies to support us and the child. He is now happily settled in school and thriving, I cannot thank Point5 enough” Year 2 Class Teacher

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