Behaviour Consultancy

Nathalie and Sarah provide behaviour consultancy around children who are exhibiting challenging behaviour.  We work with the staff team to understand the environment, experiences and difficulties experienced by the child; we aim to see beneath the behaviour.  Understanding where the behaviour comes from is an important part of the work we do.  We will support you to understand what the child needs. We will compile formal written reports and together we will find ways to move forward positively. We are also able to provide an audit and review of your schools behaviour policy, systems and structure.

Continuing Professional Development

We offer CPD accredited training including ‘Understanding the Bonds of Attachment’ and ‘Responding to Behaviour’.  Our training sessions take into account current research regarding trauma and attachment informed practice.  Our training is interactive, engaging and thought provoking; it will develop staff skills around who our children need us to be rather than merely applying behaviour strategies.

Individual work with a child / young person using the therapeutic intervention of Drawing and Talking.  Nathalie and Sarah are qualified in using this method and have years of experience working with children through this medium.